Sunday, July 12, 2020

Bioeconomy trophies: Belchim's biocontrol strategy stands out with its ERDG research program

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More than one million tons of vines, shoots and roots are destroyed each year in France. This viticultural biomass is now accumulating in field due to low-value management methods (grinding, composting, etc.). However, all parts of the plant are of major interest since they contain molecules with high added value in different fields such as cosmetics, nutraceuticals, but also crop protection and plant nutrition.

ERDG (Engineering, Research and Development on the Grape cane) research program aims to valorize this unexploited viticultural biomass through the extraction of molecules of interest by a green process.

Belchim Crop Protection, as a partner in this program, is in charge of the development and marketing of biocontrol products resulting from this research.

During the 2020 international agricultural show in Paris, ERDG project was among the laureates of the second edition of the bioeconomy trophies handed by the Minister of Agriculture.

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