Belchim Crop Protection acquires European distribution rights for acaricide Milbeknock

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ImageMitsui Chemicals Agro, Inc. (MCAG) and Belchim Crop Protection announced today that the European distribution rights for the insecticide/acaricide Milbeknock® are granted to Belchim Crop Protection. The distribution of Milbeknock® further strengthens Belchim’s crop protection portfolio and is another step in expanding its comprehensive range of innovative crop solutions. The transfer of the business is planned to take a phased approach, country by country, and will be finalized by the end of 2015. Financial details were not disclosed.

At the same time, Belchim Crop Protection will take over the EU Renewal of Approval for the active substance, milbemectin, in Europe.  “Milbemectin is and will be an important compound in our present and future product portfolio,” says Dirk Putteman, Managing Director of Belchim Crop Protection.  “We are very happy to take this next step in our cooperation with an innovative R&D company such as Mitsui Chemicals Agro.  In this way, Belchim Crop Protection continues to build its range of innovative solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s agriculture.”


Milbeknock® can be seen as one of the best acaricides with a broad spectrum against different mite species. The product has an effect on all stages (eggs, larvae, nymphs, adults) of the mites. The strong knock-down effect combined with translaminar activity and good persistency all help to deliver excellent control of mites in a range of crops.


Milbeknock® has already been marketed in Belgium by Belchim since 2006 and in the north European countries by Nordisk Alkali since 2010. Milbeknock® will be marketed in France and Poland for the 2015 season. Other countries will follow during the course of 2015.  With its unique profile, Milbeknock® fits well into IPM / ICM programmes for vegetables, fruit and ornamental crops and Belchim Crop Protection will seek further extension of its usage into additional crops than those currently registered in Europe.