Sunday, July 12, 2020

Major Shareholder Announcement regarding Engage Agro Corporation

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Belchim Crop Protection NV, situated in Londerzeel, Belgium is the new majority shareholder in the Canadian company, Engage Agro Corporation, based in Ontario. This transaction gives Belchim the controlling majority stake of 60% in Engage Agro.




Belchim, in its capacity as a current shareholder, has acquired a controlling majority stake of 60% in Engage Agro Corporation. The transaction safeguards the long-term future of Engage Agro Corporation as a leading privately-owned distribution company in the Canadian market. It will allow them to work with growers across Canada and suppliers around the globe to bring innovative, value-added products to the Canadian market. For Belchim Crop Protection, the stake in Engage Agro gives access to the overseas markets for its innovative Agrochemical portfolio. Both companies share a commitment to strong customer-focused skills, technical expertise and deeply rooted partnerships with suppliers and other key stakeholders.

Engage Agro, based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada distributes products from a large range of international R&D based companies. The company is one of the largest independent crop protection distribution companies in Canada. Their primary focus is to develop, register and market crop protection & crop enhancement products across Canada. Belchim on the other hand, has strong market positions in all EU countries and is currently exploring opportunities to do business outside Europe. The company has an innovative portfolio of crop protection products including specialties in important European crops like potatoes, vines, vegetables and corn.

Engage Agro Corporation is delighted to welcome Jos Testers on the Board of Directors. In addition to his global responsibilities as Strategic Marketing & Development Director of Belchim, Jos will also be taking a key executive management position in Engage Agro Corporation going forward. It will allow the company to draw on his huge industry experience, his technical, biological and agronomic knowledge and his global network and is a proof of Belchim’s commitment to actively support and drive Engage Agro’s future growth.


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