A Sustainable Approach

A sustainable approach to agriculture is crucial to ensuring that natural resources can meet the increasing food needs of a growing population, now and well into the future.

Sustainability is embedded into Belchim’s strategic and operational activities, and can be summarized into three broad categories: product portfolio, product application and business operations.

Product Portfolio

  • Developing products with favourable eco-tox profiles that meet increasing EU regulations & contribute to Green Deal target to reduce use of hazardous pesticides by 50%
  • Developing biological products
  • Focusing on concentrated, high-quality formulations, which decrease volume of product required

Product Application

  • Providing advice on optimal product application, to ensure product reaches its target and to protect surrounding environment and farmer health
  • Working with researchers on Integrated Pest Management, to ensure products can be used without adverse effects on beneficial organisms
  • Developing spray programs that ensure residue levels remain well below mandated levels from governments and the food chain
  • Engaging in precision agriculture projects; this new technology allows for more precise application

Business Operations

  • Introduction of hybrid electric cars
  • Reduction in paper use through increased investment in digital tools
  • Solar energy at offices
  • Improved analysis of supply chain flows to improve efficiency
  • Recycling of empty product packaging

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With a crop-oriented approach, BELCHIM is very close to the growers and develops SOLUTIONS responding to the needs of the market