It did not take Belchim long to realise the necessity of conducting trials. As the Company grew so did the importance of a permanent trial station. In 2006, the Belchim Trial Station was founded. It is located in Londerzeel, a ten minute drive from the head office.

In 2016, 10 years later, we started building our second trial station which is located in Fronton nearby Toulouse. At this station we have put the focus on southern crops.


At our Trial Station, we are building a European knowledge center for ongoing education of our own staff, advisors and our customers.


Field trials

Detailed knowledge of the efficacy and selectivity of a product along with the development of product delivery techniques, compatibility profile and other unique traits of a molecule are all important for the success of a crop protection product. At the Belchim trial farm we have access to around 10 hectares of land where a whole range of crops, both annual and perennial, are cultivated and our products are developed, tested, compared and integrated into programmes to explore the possible solutions to any one of the multitude of pest, weed or disease problems that exist.

The trials are conducted to enhance both our own knowledge of that of our customers by demonstrating and discussing current and future potential solutions. This way, the knowledge can then be transferred on to the growers who can benefit from our joint knowledge and expertise.

Lab and small-scale trials

Active ingredient screening and thorough investigation of the mode of action and characteristics of our products is carried out in the laboratory and in small scale pot trials.